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Welcome to HankerMag and thank you so much for your valuable time. I hope that you came here to read about Hankermag so let’s dive in… HankerMag was started to entertainment & inspire people with Humor, Art and Photography. You visit several social media platforms to see something different & unique by scrolling the long & deep feeds. We can feel your pain and we promise that we can make your day by providing creative & inspiring content with unique & extraordinary touch. There are a number of reason that why you should visit HankerMag some of them are..

A quote by Tony Robbins

1.“We aren’t in an information age; we are in an entertainment age” and that’s why beside information you need some entertainment and fun and HankmerMag should your first choice of Entertainment.

2.Tired of the drudgery of work? Don’t worry it’s a part of life, but what’s wrong in taking some break. Yeah pal ! We promise that whenever you visit HankerMag you find something inoperative & funny.

3.According to recent study & research Humor is a sign of underlying cognitive ability & fitness. The people who like humor & Hilarious stuff have greater IQ, they manifest greater creativity, they have impressive reasoning ability & verbal skills. And you know that we have a PHD degree in providing funniest & Hilarious stuff.

4.Be happy and make your friends & colleagues happy by sharing our creative & hilarious content on social media because happiness is not something that you should keep secret, sharing happiness boost your connectivity & love.

We are almost on very social media platform, and we invite you with open heart to like & follow us and we promise that you’ll find something interesting & amazing on our Facebook page.


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