Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important for us, we have fundamental rules to respect your privacy

  • You will never need to use your original identification to contact us (e.g. your name, email).
  • You will never need to use your original name to post comment on our website.
  • You can change your location use proxy, vpn and all other type of service to become anonymous.
  • We do not share your personal information with any one expect to comply the law requirements.

What Information we collect?

We use Google Analytics to track visitor’s information which include your location, your browser details, language preferences, data and time of each visitor, how much time you stayed on our website how many pages you visited our website. This data is never shared with any individual or company.

Why we collect information?

We collect your information to improve our service, e.g. why most of visitor leaving our website   this will provide feedback indirectly.

Do we share collected information?

Your information whether public or private, will never be shared, sold, exchanged with any individual person, company

Do we use cookies?

A cookie is string type of data which is stored in your browser when you visit this website again it helps the website to recognize you again. We use cookies to track you as defined above Google Analytics also use cookies, please note we use cookies to improve our service if you don’t wish to allow our website to place cookies in your browser then you can refuse we don’t force you.


You can add your comments on posts, this would help to encourage our authors. We use Akismet anti-spam service to combat spam, the comments are stored on our website, we use them to improve the service to avoid future false positives.


Ads appearing on our website are provided by third party they may set cookies in your browser for targeted advertising to match your interest, these cookies help them to display random ad again when you visit our website again, they may store records of cookie stored on your browser. You may see many types of add e.g. text base ad flash banner ad if you don’t like any add then you can click close button to change ad. We have monetized our website with GDPR compliant advertising companies.


You may subscribe to receive Newsletter on your email address, we use mailchimp to send these automated newsletter to our subscribers. We never share subscribers email addresses or any other personal information with any individual or company. You can unsubscribe to newsletter anytime, and you can resubscribe at anytime.

Changes to privacy policy 

We reserve to right to change these privacy and policy any time without prior notice on this page last updated 26-6-2018

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