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If you wish to visit our website you must agree with our terms and conditions, if you don’t agree then you are free to leave.

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The images we use in our post may be from other sources, we mention the source if you find your image that you don’t want to be on our website then you can contact us as an owner we will investigate and remove. You can share our posts on social media by clicking the share buttons or you can recommend others to visit our website. If you find our content that is illegally shared on other place then you can inform us we will do further actions.


You can contact us without any hesitation if you have any issue regarding our service, or if you want to give your valuable feedback or any suggestion we try our best to fulfill your suggestion we have provided our contact emails on contact us page you can contact only via these source of communication, if you use other source of communication then we may not reply, you can also post your suggestion and feedback on our official social media sources (facebook, twitter) . You must use English language to communicate to us any other language we are unable to reply.


We use third party advertisement companies but we are not responsible of any of their terms and condition you can visit google adsense , any product you buy through these advertisements or any website you visit through these advertisement, or anything you download from these advertisement it depends on you we don’t have any concern on issues between you and third party advertisement companies they may track you ip address ,your location, set cookies on your browser for suitable advertisements. We don’t have any relationship with these advertisement companies if you find any irrelevant add you can click on close button. You are not allowed to use addblock or any other browser extension or software to block these add because we earn revenue from these ads and this is essential for our service to live forever.

Anti-Spam policy

You can post your comments on any of our post but you are not allowed to post any link on comment section if we find these types of links we consider this as spam you may be banned permanently from visiting  HankerMag .  We use akistmat plugin to fight with spam we try our best to kick out spam from HankerMag . You are also allowed to like comment and share our official facebook pages post and tweets.

Breach of Terms and services

If you breach these terms of service in any way we may take appropriate action to deal with breach. We may permanently suspend you from visiting HankerMag again . You are free to leave our website although we’ll sorry to see you go.

Modifying and terminating our services

We may suspend or modifying these terms of services without any prior notice

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